Photos Week 7








The first image is a great example of using color to create emphasis. The use of color is extremely on the nose but serves the purpose since I wanted it to be obvious.


The second image serves as a continuation of the first in which the intensity of color serves the story. For the first two images I wanted to use red because it’s very intense and sensual.


This image is another example of being too obvious with the use of color, getting rid of all the colors around and just using a single color to create the mood is somewhat easy but I wanted to explore it because it makes me more aware of the specific color I choose.


The las photo was just for fun, completely different to the other ones but still using color to create a mood.


One thought on “Photos Week 7”

  1. I like your style. I love that the second photo serves as a provocative and unexpected continuation of the first. That story carries and is immediately discernible because of the color, so great work using color to draw the eye and connect elements from one shot to another. The third and fourth photos show really interesting contrast of color and luminance, but affinity of shape.

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