Photos Week 5







The line that crosses the building made me think of a giant spider web. I really like this building because when it covers all the frame, it feels like an endless sequence of windows.


Trying to be consistent with the theme I found a real spider web, no spider, though…


I decided to create my own spider. For most people, the most interesting (or scary) thing about spiders are the legs, I think the eyes are fascinating.

2 thoughts on “Photos Week 5”

  1. Holy crap, these look super polished! I like the non-assignment-specific theme you went for this week. I love the rigid use of lines in the first image and then they all crumble to a mess in the second. They work together really well. And the third image doesn’t feel as much about lines as it is of the circle shape — which it succeeds at very well.

    Overall the compositions feel thought out and as if you’ve taken thousands of photos before.

  2. Wooooooow, these all look very cinematic and professional. Are you sure you’re a student? I love that there is a slight perspective to the first image instead of looking at the building straight on. The chaotic lines in the second image contrast in an interesting with the organized feel of the other two. The third is a great example of affinity of shape that isn’t boring. With all three of these I love how it seems that you are acutely aware of opportunities to capture the images of either ordinary, or small and hard to notice, things in a beautiful and dramatic way.

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