Photos Week 4






For this photo, I was thinking about someone finding something unpleasant at an antique shop. I wanted to show this place as if it were somewhat mystical. I wanted to make her feel trapped and threatened.


This was supposed to be a moment of juxtaposition between the real hand and the fake one. Not from her perspective but very close to her.


I found this place with┬ámuted colors and great lighting that I think feels very ghostly. The other pictures are just me playing with mirrors but I think they’re kind of cool and contribute to the story.


One thought on “Photos Week 4”

  1. I love the way that her face is framed by the antler. The composition causes you to immediately look at her face, and then wonder what she is looking at. In the second picture, I like how only the hands that we are supposed to be looking at are in focus. All of these shots feel really cinematic to me. I feel like the ghostliness of the third image works to make all of them feel more mystic and eerie as a whole.

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