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My intention here was to create the illusion of an abyss, everything is dark and that creates a challenge when trying to convey depth. I decided to place the subjects in a way that I was able to create a sense of deep(er) space by using the difference in height and placing them in a diagonal line so the light hitting on them guides the audience from one subject to the other.


I can’t take full credit for this shot since Matthew was the one who shot it. If I had a camera thought I’d have done the exact same thing and since it’s a collaboration I guess I can take some credit for this cool shot.

What I like the most about this photo is that the shallow depth of field creates this sense of depth, the subjects were very close and even though the shot is very tight, the subjects feel distant.


If there wasn’t that other line that almost goes over the subject, the image will feel rather flat. I think this is a lucky shot in which there was just the right amount of haze to make it work.


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  1. You have a really sense of color and lighting. I think that all three photos are successfully composed so as to immediately draw the eye to the subject. In photo 2 especially, the orange paint under his eye makes you look at his eye first. I like the way that that color coordinates with the spiderman mask. That and the fact that the mask is reflective makes the mask more noticeable and makes the space feel deeper. I like how with all three you challenged yourself by choosing compositions that aren’t the most intuitive to create deep space but you experimented with light in the first one and lines in the second to create that feeling.

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