Photos: Week 2






Have you ever seen a painting burn?

This week I decided to burn a painting and experiment with framing. Because the painting resembled a face, it was interesting to see if I was able to get some emotion out of it.


The first frame was supposed to introduce the painting, the subject is in danger, the low angle and tight space help convey the message.


The second frame is one of my favorites because it looks like a person screaming, it has emotionĀ and feels alive even though it’s not.


The second one was intended to be the most dramatic, having a lot of wind was a happy accident that helped create a more dynamic image.

One thought on “Photos: Week 2”

  1. I actually think I and II have more going on for them in terms of storytelling. The first one is great, but I dig II the most. I think it’s the most effective because of the contrast of the red in the photo. You have the fire and then the rim of where the painting is burning up the image in stark contrast to the darkness and overall blue tone. Since that light then illuminates the yellow eye, it seems as if this painting is screaming for help. Evokes a great emotion. All of them do, but man, II just nails it for me.

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