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This past weekend I worked on a little film project with some of my friends, I took a few stills from some of my favorite moments:





She’s like a force of nature, she has no emotions but we still feel something, her presence is supposed to be dominant and relentless but at the same time show calm and control.

I really liked this image because I think the face is one of the most powerful tools in visual storytelling, showing or not showing the face can convey a variety of messages. I like to think I was successful in showing the dominance of the character by placing her in the center of the frame, the lighting, and the composition balance the ominous character and gives her an air of mysterious calm.


She is trapped, under the influence of a force that can’t be physically defeated.

This was composed using a very basic principle, placing the subject in one of the quarters of the frame and leaving her with no space. The use of color was very important in the film because the green represents the external influence that is taking over the character’s mind.


Art is the most important thing in the character’s life and has taken over every aspect of her life. When she finally finds satisfaction in what she does is not even her own achievement.

2 thoughts on “Photos I”

  1. Nice work sir! I think number 2 is my favorite overall since I felt the strongest emotional reaction to it. Unlike 1 where you just had the face, I think having something else in the frame heightens the feeling evoked. I think it was also the best framed and balanced image you created. Although 3 is pretty great too.

  2. Your photography is always magnificent. These felt remarkably consistent, not just in type of subject but also thematically, and yet they were each so unique. The first photo of Emily’s frosty lips was very interesting. I was left wondering what it is she is staring at so intently.
    I especially like the final photo with the subtle detail of two hands over the paintbrush. It makes me wonder who the other person is and curious about their relationship.

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