Photos 6







I wanted to use inanimate objects and give them a story. The inspiration came after molding some clay and noticing that it reminded me of Goya’s Saturn devouring his son.


This first image introduces the character, I wanted this inanimate object to show emotion and tried using composition and tone to create an atmosphere of mysticism.


There was only one line available, I tried to use it and direct the view  to the one character in focus. I tried to use the lighting to accentuate the emotion and create some interesting shadows.


The culmination needed to be dramatic and resemble the original painting, I changed the orientation to fit the assignment but I also like how much space it created on the left.


One thought on “Photos 6”

  1. While the characters are exposed the same, the dark toned background behind the monster feels threatening when juxtaposed with the lighter background of the victim. Very effective and very creepy.

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