Photos 10







I wanted to play color by using red to direct the eye in the second photo this works well because the eye goes back and forth from the red tulip to the red lipstick and it balances the image. I wanted to create a “heavenly look”

I wanted these photos to have an intimate feel, I used soft high key lighting to achieve an ethereal feel. I liked this photoshoot because I feel I achieved what I had in mind. For me this was an exercise of┬ácombining elements of light, “performance” and production design to create a specific look.



One thought on “Photos 10”

  1. Is that a milk bath? The colors in these photos are really striking, and I can see how you used soft key lighting to accentuate them. They definitely have a heavenly look, and the way you used whites and reds to create a striking visual contrast is really smart. My favorite is the second one, the one you posted on facebook as well I think. Probably because the composition and focus just feel the best to me, as well as the complete story we are getting from the photo. Great work Pepe!

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