Documentary Mode Activity #3


This documentary is very personal and at the same time it tries to “give voice to (issues) that remain ignored or suppressed” (Nichols, 299) These issues are addressed while talking about my life and personal experiences but at the same time using outside sources.

I wanted this to be autobiographical as I was inspired by some of the documentaries we watched in class. In Nobody’s business (1996) we have a filmmaker trying to awake his father’s interest on his grandfather by showing him evidence from the past, this becomes not only the story of his father but his own.

My documentary tries to give form, name, and visibility to an identity that, for me, never had one (Nichols,299) Being short is something I usually don’t think about or consider important, but I know others do and for that reason, it has somewhat shaped the way I live.

Inspired by Stories We Tell (2012) I wanted to use home movies, unfortunately, I don’t have access to any so I decided to use photographs and youtube videos as “reenactments”. Unlike Stories We Tell, the reenactments are trying to be as artificial as possible.

In a way, my documentary is an essay, as it focuses on an idea more than a person, throughout the film the narrator guides the audience as a voice of authority who is both a witness and a participant but is never on screen. 

The film can also be considered an essay because of its three-part structure, the first one being where the central idea is introduced. With a simple statement, “I was Short” It tries to direct the audience to an idea more than the person.

The second part uses pathos to make the audience understand that the problem is not necessarily personal but it can be anyone’s, it doesn’t matter if the subject doesn’t seem to be affected by it, others might be. 

In the third part, the tone changes a little, while the images and dialogue are still lighter and comical, it emphasizes what “the real problem is” and shows how is it’s usually overlooked. 

 The last part works as a conclusion because it combines all the information that was presented before and tries to give a solution to the problem stated in the first part. 

One thought on “Documentary Mode Activity #3”

  1. I’m writing this before reading your artist’s statement because I want share what I think about your work without knowing what you think first. I really enjoyed your doc about being short, or just being different if you want to generalize it. It had solid autobiographical roots, but the mix media you used gave it a little bit of that essay flare that is kind of difficult to nail down. I was really surprised at how much content you were able to cohesively include in your doc, I kept on checking the time signature on the video because I felt like I was seeing and hearing a lot, but it only took 3 short minutes. You’ve got a talent for pacing, and you know when to slow down and give the spectator some time to consider what you’ve shared. Nice job.

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