10 Cool Things


The reason I like this movie so much is because it’s a great example of a film based on a novel in which the filmmaker completely adapts the source material to the medium, the film explores themes that can only be explored visually. The book doesn’t have to be better than the movie, but different. Denis Villeneuve is an amazing filmmaker and Jake Gyllenhaal is extremely talented.


Although I’m not usually proud of my artwork, I enjoy drawing and painting watercolor. I never took classes or anything but I started doing it and liked it a lot, I don’t do it as much anymore but I still love it.


Reading is very important to me, I feel bad when months pass and I haven’t tried reading at least one book. I don’t like e-books, I want the real thing, especially when they’re old and have that particular smell that can’t be found anywhere else.


 I enjoy sharing my culture with those who don’t know much about it. I also love learning about other cultures.



I can appreciate almost all kind of music, but listening to classical gives me something that no other music can. I’m not a music connoisseur or anything like that, I just enjoy the power of classical music and its ability to tell stories without using any words.

Listening to this music live gives me chills every time!


Because of the photos I take, people think I love blood and violence, but that’s not necessarily true. I like the aesthetic and unpredictability of certain fluids, you can’t completely control them and they always create interesting shapes.


 I love going to places where I can be on my own and be completely disconnected, read, write and practice meditation.


 Masks have been used in many cultures for different purposes, I think that what I like the most about them is that they can completely change a character, they add artificiality to what it’s supposed to be natural.


When I was 11 years old I found a Tv channel that showed a lot of international and arthouse cinema, I loved those films and the mysterious worlds they showed, it was completely different from what I was used to. Fellini’s 81/2 is probably my favorite foreign film.


I like having deep conversations, people can be very interesting and to have a thought-provoking personal chat can be an amazing exercise to develop characters and write realistic stories. It’s also very satisfying when you can connect with other human beings.

7 thoughts on “10 Cool Things”

  1. Awesome list! I love your watercolors, and your photography is superb as usual. Interesting that you’d include deep conversation as a pick, it makes so much sense and is a great inclusion.

  2. Great list my friend. I particularly enjoyed the mini-doc you made about your Grandma. I also dug the skeleton painting you did, and it seemed like I saw a drawing in the doc (a theme of yours?). It’s funny that you saw “8 1/2” on tv, I think the only foreign stuff I ever saw on tv as a kid was old British sitcoms like “Are You Being Served?”.

  3. Pepe, I’ve always appreciated how you obviously have a lot to say in your work, and you are extraordinarily talented at purposeful imaging. I really like that you shared a lot of your own photos/videos in this list to demonstrate your love of something else (i.e. masks, aesthetic of fluids, Mexican culture, etc.). Also, great use of cinema to demonstrate your love of deep and meaningful conversation. Overall, solid list.

  4. I really love that last part about connecting with people. I still find that to be the most fascinating aspect of life and consequentially the most important. I’ve always appreciated your artwork and devotion to your culture. I think we need more of that in today’s world so thanks.

  5. That photo of the (blood?) is really beautiful. I also love the way liquid moves and has a life and character of its own. And I think that your passion for drawing/creating pictures with your hands is something deeply ingrained in the human race, and is a great way to express yourself, professional training or not. I also like that skeleton picture you painted- particularly the colored highlights.

  6. Masks are creepy, but because I think they’re creepy, I like that you listed them. I think that combined with the bloody photo paints a picture of you that is confident about your own identity. And speaking of identity, thanks for sharing your drawings, they look meaningful in some way, though I don’t know what that is.

  7. I adore the photo of the liquid on the wall and the picture of the skeletons. Bravo my friend. I would add those to my own list of 10 things. I really like what you said about books not necessarily being better than movies, just a different medium, powerful in its own way.

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